Soft corals sway in the current at Islas San Jose, Gulf of Panama.   Photo: © Jeffrey Cardenas

The aviation acronym CAVU–Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted has always been an expression that evokes endless possibility. Go as high as Icarus, just don’t let the sun melt the wax in your wings.

I don’t know if there is a maritime equivalent to CAVU for water clarity but when I am underwater here, drifting with the current, I feel in the slipstream of life just as surely as if I were flying. I float past green lobsters, yellow porcupine fish, and pearl oysters as large as the palm of my hand. When I remember the waters of Las Islas Perlas I will always think of them as CAVU.

5 thoughts on “CAVU

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    I love getting your posts, but I was very surprised to see stuff about your trip. Last I knew (2years ago) the boat was lost in bankruptcy and you were selling salt from a little wagon in the farmers’ market.

    Have you written the backstory somewhere I can access it?

    We are in Key West now for a short weekend (Larry did a signing at Key West Island Books) and miss seeing you. BUT I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

    Have fun, be safe, love,




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