Market Day in Tonga


Alesha Muhuinga sips the juice of a green coconut at the fresh produce market in Vava’u, Tonga.    Photography: ©Jeffrey Cardenas


The fresh bounty of the market is loaded aboard Flying Fish.    Photography: ©Jeffrey Cardenas


A church choir with women and men dressed in traditional ta’ovala woven skirts sings to the market patrons shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables.    Photography: ©Jeffrey Cardenas


The Utukalongau Market in Neiafu is the main event in town each week as it draws buyers and sellers from across the island group.    Photography: ©Jeffrey Cardenas

11 thoughts on “Market Day in Tonga

  1. I was thinking about you before receiving this update. Wondering how difficult/lonely being a solo traveler is- but on the other hand having to be fully accountable for every detail of day to day life and basic needs- edible food and drinking water-safety, fuel etc contemplating the upcoming stretch of open water. Are there more ‘boats’ than you expected out there? English language expats? Are the foods less exposed to pesticides and fertilizer? I think it would be lovely to truly experience a self sustaining culture but one who welcomes the visitor. You


  2. Hello Jeffrey !!!
    I’m traveling this summer also and a funny thing continues to happen on various trips to The Forum—–In the midst of my travels—I often find myself thinking of and needing our little refuge on the West end of The Fla Keys. Hope all is going well on your epic voyage and look forward to seeing you in ole KW.
    Think of you often.
    Safe travels mi amigo.


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