Off the Edge of the Earth

Hope Islands

Flying Fish, alone at Hope Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Photograph © Jeffrey Cardenas

Off the edge of the earth, or so it seems…

Flying Fish continues onward into the Torres Strait and then to SE Asia. WiFi and cell signals are rare to non-existent (now being an exception).

If you are following the passage of Flying Fish, I have set up a new satellite link—Passage Post Notes—at These notes are only a line or two from the daily log of Flying Fish but they show where I am, the current weather, they give a sense of the passage–and I can post without WiFi or cell.

I will continue to upload full-length posts here at when / if I have the bandwidth. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to your comments via satellite. Sailing singlehanded, I value communication with readers (it’s so much better than talking to myself). For now, however, the post notes are the best I can do.

Thanks for sailing with me as I navigate through this amazing world.


A nautilus shell washed ashore on the sand flats at Forbes Island National Park on the Great Barrier Reef. Photograph: © Jeffrey Cardenas


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To see where Flying Fish has sailed in the past year click here:

For current weather along the route click here:

Text and Photography © Jeffrey Cardenas 2019

7 thoughts on “Off the Edge of the Earth

  1. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of sick joker named Boydong Island and Little Boydong Island and why isn’t there a Shriveled OldManDong Island? And I want me some of them oysters you mentioned a few posts back. Onward, my friend …

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  2. Jeffrey … It’s Amy. I have been following you with great interest and admiration since day one. Steve and I discuss your epic journey every time we talk. I have reread your books since you began the voyage. I am sorry I have not written prior. When it comes to social media, I am more of a voyeur … but will make an exception for you. I retired after 28 years with Patagonia and am now living in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. We kept a cabin in the south Puget Sound, so divide our time. Our sons live in New Orleans which means we are also there a fair amount. Retirement has it’s pluses, but I do miss working. I had a great job. Travel and meeting amazing people. Keep the posts coming. The new link is really cool. Be well. A

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