24 Doors Malta

The walled medieval city of Valletta withstood centuries of siege and world war and remained the spiritual center of Malta. Photograph © Jeffrey Cardenas

As I sail through a pandemic that seems to have no end, the significance of finding a portal allowing me to move onward has more meaning to me. Mediterranean Europe is on fire again with a new wave of coronavirus. As I prepared for my departure from Malta to Italy, my destination in Sardinia went from COVID Condition White (completely open) to Orange and then to Red (completely closed) in only three days. Much of Malta, where Flying Fish is currently moored, also remains closed. The cure for my restlessness this day is to walk through the medieval city of Valletta… and look at doors.

Doors control entry or exit, depending on which side you are on. They represent a border; doors divide and connect two worlds. They provide a passageway for starting something new or leaving something behind. A door is a universal symbol that implies transition, giving way from one domain to another. It is the place of passage between two completely different states. A door can divide a hostile and dangerous space from the comfort of a safe place.

“There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors.” –Jim Morrison

In Valletta today, most doors remain closed and locked. Some show centuries of use and wear. Others feature details of pride. All provide protection. And so it is with sailing in a pandemic. One day, the doors will reopen.

Sailing is not just about the wind and the sea; equally important are the places to which this voyage delivers me.

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Text and Photography © Jeffrey Cardenas 2021

Let this be a time of grace and peace in our lives   –Fr. John Baker

24 thoughts on “24 Doors Malta

  1. The locks and door knockers are too good, especially the glove and dolphin. And I still have one of my carvings from St. Lawrence Island. I’m glad you still have the owl. That means a lot to me.

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    • I wish a vaccine was possible, Marilyn. As of this date, the US State Department refuses to assist with vaccinations of US citizens abroad, despite their stated mission to protect “the health and welfare” of Americans wherever they are in the world.
      Thank you for your compliment on the photography, and your concern about my health and welfare.


  2. Hey Jeff, I found out about your journey last December when I was sorting through some of my dad’s old files and saw the words “Flying Fish” written on the margin of a paper. I googled those words and they led me here, to your fascinating experiences and stunning photography. (thanks, Dad!)
    Thank you for taking the time to share your trip. I look forward to every entry and saying a prayer for the right door(s) to unlock so you can continue in God’s speed.

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  4. Earlier I saw your amazing photos on FB, and just now read your email description.
    Love that we both thought of them as portals. ❤️ Great minds, right? Lol! 😉

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  5. Depicting doors seems appropriate for each new day when so many people shut out the humanity of others in this confrontational world. What new day will unlock the minds of people and open the doors of acceptance? Too many of us lock our doors and the door face of Medieval Malta reminds us that this aspect of human nature has remote beginnings. Thanks Chuck Bean

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    • Chuck Bean you see this message with a clear lens. I may be naive, or overly optimistic (cynicism is not an option) but I believe that some good will come out of this pandemic. We will remember that we are only human.


  6. Jeff, Seriously consider Dakar to Cape Verde Is. FROM CVI to Fernando de Noronha is 1315 nautical miles, 10 days. The trip is safe. I have made the trip, not sólo, but it is safe alone.

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    • Dakar to Cape Verde is not a routing that I had previously considered but it has much to commend it–tradewind sailing and a shorter crossing distance. There is still so much uncertainty. One thing I know: I cannot cross the Atlantic east to west until hurricane season ends December 1.


    • Thank you, Beth. Doors are so personal, especially to those who pass through them on a daily basis. I would guess that the specific appearance of the doors may reflect the personalities of those living behind them, but that is only speculation. In this time of COVID, most doors are closed and locked securely.


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